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Community Unity at Mandai Zoo Community Day 2023

In a heartwarming collaboration between the Hope Initiative Alliance (HIA), GIC, and Mandai Zoo, an extraordinary event unfolded, welcoming 800 members from 12 diverse partner communities to the zoo. This gathering aimed to celebrate community spirit and inclusivity, fostering a day of joy and connection. 31 Migrant brothers from Kranji were among the attendees, adding to the event's diversity. GIC generously provided F&B vouchers, ensuring participants could enjoy a hassle-free lunch amid the park's scenic surroundings.


To ensure inclusivity, guided tours were conducted in English, catering to the diverse linguistic backgrounds of attendees. This approach enabled everyone to engage fully and enjoy the enriching experiences the zoo offered. The event itself was a celebration of community, where participants were immersed in a day filled with excitement. From the exhilarating Splash Safari Show to the enchanting Forest Lodge Carnival and a range of engaging activities like Animal Friends and Buddy Barn, every moment was a testament to the power of unity and shared experiences. The highlight for many of the migrant brothers was undoubtedly the opportunity to witness the spectacular shows and engage in various activities. It was a day where cultural differences dissolved into shared moments of laughter, learning, and appreciation for nature's wonders. The Mandai Zoo Community Day served as a shining example of how collective efforts and collaborations can create a space where diversity is celebrated and connections are forged. It emphasised the importance of inclusivity, understanding, and the beauty of coming together as a community, transcending barriers, and fostering harmony. As the day concluded, the smiles, laughter, and shared memories echoed the success of an event that truly brought together individuals from various walks of life, reinforcing the values of unity and friendship within the community.

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