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Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach celebrates International Migrants Month

19 December 2023

Hope Initiative Alliance celebrates 5th Anniversary

11 December 2023

Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach and Sowers Novena Organises Gala Dinner for Migrant Workers Lead Up to International Migrants' Month

9 November 2023

Hope Initiative Alliance Responds to Transporting Migrant Workers Using Lorries

19 August 2023

Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach and Sowing Care Together Organises Migrant Workers Interfaith Harmony Engagement with ES Group Holdings 

7 August 2023

Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach Celebrates Labour Day with Sowers Novena

1 May 2023

More than 150 Guest Workers Signed Up for Cricket Training at Tuas South Recreation Centre

20 March 2023

AGWO Organises Migrant Workers' Community Carnival Day with Singapore Police Force and Ministry of Manpower to Fight Scams

27 November 2022

AGWO Deepavali Celebration at Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple
23 October 2022
AGWO Hari Raya Celebration at Tuas South RC
3 May 2022


AGWO Pongal Festive Celebration

AGWO Deepavali

4-7 November 2021

AGWO National Day Celebration

August 2021

Hari Raya Celebration with Guest Workers

13 May 2021


Deepavali Festive Meals Distribution

14 November 2020

The President's Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards

16 October 2020

Project Sunshine: Organised Outing for Guest Workers

2 September 2020

Care Meals Distribution for Guest Workers Amid COVID-19 Situation

April - June 2020

Launch of Adopt-a-Dorm System

22 April 2020

Good Friday Care Meals Distribution

10 April 2020


Inaugural of the Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach

31 May  2019

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