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Appreciating Singapore’s Guest Workers on Labour Day

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

The Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO)—a movement of Hope Initiative Alliance (HIA), teamed up with The Sowers (Novena) and safety training schools Asretec and Fusion Safety to organise a Labour Day Celebration for guest workers. Over 1000 guest workers attended this event held on 1 May 2023 at Kranji Recreation Centre. The celebration aimed to show appreciation and holistic care for guest workers and was a continuation of AGWO’s mission of making them feel at home. It was fitting that guest workers enjoyed themselves on Labour Day—a day of rest—when they have laboured tirelessly to build the nation.

An exciting line-up of activities was planned for the attendees, including a safety challenge, a Nerf gun tournament and a lucky draw. With the help of Asretec and Fusion Safety, virtual reality (VR) experience booths were set up for guest workers to learn more about workplace safety. Guest workers were also treated to an appreciation dinner and received goodie bags. Arranged in the style of a carnival, the celebration provided an avenue for them to interact with fellow members of their community.

“The event is our part to show our appreciation to the guest workers for working so hard for our nation,” Rev Samuel Gift Stephen, Lead Director of AGWO, shared. “This is also our way to encourage them to socialise through meaningful activities and uplift their spirits.” Describing the hardship of being away from their families, he emphasised the need to show care for migrant workers.

“We hope this initiative will inspire others to follow suit and contribute towards building a more inclusive and caring community,” Jonathan Wan, Director of Asretec, said. He envisioned that this partnership would raise awareness of the challenges faced by guest workers and promote their well-being.

AGWO would like to thank all partners and volunteers for their help in organising the Labour Day Celebration.

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