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Friendships can help:

Identify mental health needs

We have professionals who will equip you to spot out key indicators and to tap on for professional assistance.

Unify and socially integrate

Social integration into society has been our long-term goal. It is through these one-on-one friendships that will one day see this come to fruition.

Identify key values to build milestones for life progression

We are partnered with Step Up, who has enabled many impoverished communities to step out of a poverty-based mindset and step up into a life of progression and hope.

We fundamentally believe in the power of friendships.


Friendships aren’t difficult to form. All it takes are compassion, appreciation, respect and consistency. We have experienced wonderful breakthroughs through building trust from simple interactions.


Many of our volunteers and even staff struggle with a language barrier, but through consistency, friendships are forged. 


We are stepping into a new world that may be much harsher, especially for Guest Workers. We, however, appreciate the time of our volunteers, professional partners, and Guest Workers. As such, we’re focused in providing meaningful help and the right support for each individual Guest Worker. It is good to plug a Guest Worker into an initiative we identify as suitable, but it is even better if the Guest Worker tells us precisely which one it is!  


We need you to help us be that voice. 

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