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Christmas with AGWO

Christmas Views


Cupcake & Cookie Drive

Bake a minimum of 50 cupcakes or cookies for your dorm. If you haven't adopted a dorm, we can assign one to you. 


Deck up a Dorm with Christmas decorations! 

We will place in an application that will allow a small team to go into your dorm to decorate! 


AGWO will be supplying water bottles and fruits 

AGWO will be supplying water bottles and fruits for you to give to your guest workers. Stay tuned for updates.


Spend Christmas with your adopted dorm

Spend Christmas with your adopted dorm, any day in December. This will permit a small team into the dorm to enjoy some festivities.


Christmas Festival on the 19th & 20th

AGWO will have 4 stations at Tuas South Rec Centre on the 19th and 20th from 5-11pm. We have a professional photography studio, for free photos, a cricket challenge, a carrom challenge, and a thrift store. 

5 Exclusive Ways to Celebrate Christmas With Our Guest Worker Brothers

AGWO has continued to join with our Guest Worker brothers in celebrating each festive season. Similarly, we have various initiatives planned to bring Christmas to our brothers! 

We are glad to be partnering the Ministry of Manpower and Jurong Town Corporation.

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